Aníbal Torres would be “asking for his change” in the PCM, assures Américo Gonza

Congressman Américo Gonza Castillo (Free Peru), assured that the Prime Minister, Aníbal Torres, would have requested “his change” to the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, since he considers that “he has already completed his cycle” in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM).

In statements to Canal N, the perulibrista announced that in the next few days there would be a “change of Cabinet”, however, he stated that he does not know “who will leave”. Gonza stressed that these changes are an exclusive power of the president.

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His bench colleague, Guido Bellido, also announced that there would be changes in the Council of Ministers, however, he was unable to specify when these new members would be sworn in.

Aníbal Torres is the fourth premier in the year of the Government of Pedro Castillo. His predecessor was fellow congressman Héctor Valer; The former president of Congress, Mirtha Vásquez and Bellido Ugarte, also held this position.