Anies Claims DKI Floods Are Reducing Faster Than Ahok’s Era

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan claim that flood in the Capital City is now starting to be handled better than in the eras before his reign.

According to Anies, flooding in Jakarta is currently receding faster. He gave an example when a big flood surrounded Jakarta in early 2020.

At that time, according to him, with a volume of 377 millimeters of water per day or greater than the 2015 flood, the flood subsided in less than four days. Anies said that that period was faster than the 2015 flood, although the water volume was lower at only 277 millimeters per day.



“The receding of this flood was recorded faster than the flood events in previous years, such as what happened in 2015, where with lower rainfall of 277 mm/day, 95 percent of the inundated area could only recede within 168 hours,” Anies said in an official release, Sunday (9/10).

In general, Anies said the drainage system to deal with flooding in the capital city has a maximum limit. He said DKI’s drainage capacity is around 100-150 mm/day

Therefore, he said, if the rainfall is below the maximum limit, he will ensure that Jakarta will not be flooded. Vice versa.

“On the other hand, if the extreme rainfall is above 100 mm/day, inevitably the water will stagnate, flooding will occur,” he said.

Furthermore, Anies also gave an example when floods submerged Jakarta in 2007. At that time, he said, extreme rains lashed Jakarta with a volume of 340 mm/day. Floods submerged 955 RW and more than 270,000 residents evacuated.

Meanwhile, in 2020, with higher rainfall, the number of RWs that are inundated and the number of residents who have evacuated are relatively fewer, namely 390 RWs and 36,000 residents who have fled.

“This indicates that the impact of flooding in Jakarta can be more controlled,” said Anies.

Anies revealed that his party had carried out various programs that were not oriented to concrete.

Some of them are like the Mud Gerebek program in 5 areas of the City Administration. This is done by dredging mud in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.

According to him, the method was carried out to reduce the silting process by deploying heavy equipment with a scale of up to three times the normal capacity.

Floods are known to have submerged a number of areas in DKI for several days in the past week. Severe traffic jams also occurred due to flooding that inundated roads in the capital city.

On Thursday (6/10), BPBD noted that flooding caused seven roads and five RTs to be submerged. The height varies from 30-120 centimeters. As a result, a number of roads were paralyzed. One of them is on Jalan TB Simatupang, South Jakarta. In Pondok Labu, the flood even killed three students at MTsN 19 Jakarta.


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