Anies claims that DKI Floods are dry for a day and the rain can be controlled


DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan claimed that floods in DKI Jakarta which usually take 3-4 days to recede can now dry up in less than one day. Not only that, Anies also claimed that the rainwater that came could be controlled by humans.

The claim was conveyed by Anies at the National Coordination Meeting for Anticipating La Nina ‘Anticipation and Preparedness in Facing La Nina and Hydrometeorological Disasters’ on the BMKG YouTube channel, Friday (29/10/2021). Anies initially showcased his achievements in dealing with floods in Jakarta.

“At the beginning of this year, it was felt that areas that normally flooded for 3-4 days are now less than one day dry, why is it because now the lurah, sub-district, and BPBD officers all have a target of 6 dry hours, 6 dry hours whatever the conditions. ,” Anies said in the National Coordination Meeting for Anticipating La Nina which was broadcast on the BMKG YouTube channel, Friday (10/29/2021).

Anies said flood management in Jakarta is currently using a key performance indicator (KIP) system with a target of 6 hours of receding after the rain has stopped. He also said that if it rains below 50 mm, the main roads in Jakarta cannot be flooded.

“Well, this is the key word that below 100 mm and below 50 mm there is no flood, but if it is above 100 mm it rains that high and we know now the rain is extreme, especially as anticipated in this meeting with the La Nina, this is the potential for intensive rain. the short term is very high. What is the KIP, 6 hours must recede. So 6 hours after the rain stops, the place where the inundation occurs must be able to recede in 6 hours, “said Anies.

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Anies also said that rainwater can be controlled by humans. See on the next page.