Anies is an expert in showing off but doesn’t understand people’s problems

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Floor leader PDIP The DKI Jakarta DPRD Gembong Warsono said that the Governor Anies Baswedan experts show off but do not understand the problems of society.

The leader of this speech responded to Anies’ statement regarding the implementation of Formula E which was held close to the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS).

“I already said that the expert is showing off, Mr. Anies. But he is not an expert on the problems of the people of Jakarta,” said Gembong when contacted by, Monday (30/5).

Gembong thought it was natural for Anies to complain that Formula E should not be held at Monas and then thought there was a lesson because JIS would be exposed to the world.

According to Gembong, Anies complained that at the same time he wanted to show off the success of the JIS development which is close to the Formula E circuit.

“We respect, we respect when Mr. Anies moan like that. Go ahead. Now it’s at the same time showing off for his work. It was as if he was showing off his work, Mr. Anies. What is Mr. Anies’ work? It’s JIS,” said Gembong. has contacted Anies Baswedan and TGUPP member Naufal Firman Yusak. But no one has responded yet.

Previously, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan explained the reason why Formula E was canceled in the Monas area and then moved to Ancol.

Initially, he said, Monas was chosen to become the world’s spotlight. However, it was canceled because it was evicted. The circuit was then moved to Ancol. Anies thinks there is a lesson in JIS which is in the world’s spotlight. Not Monas.

“Evicted, evicted, evicted, finally we are here,” said Anies at the PKS Anniversary event, Sunday (29/5).

“And when we finally arrive here, the Jakarta icon will be JIS. Thank God. Even though the plan was Monas. This is a lesson that emerged later,” he added.

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