Anies’ subordinates call the worst scenario for Covid: Micro Lockdown

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

DKI Jakarta Provincial Government have prepared the worst-case scenario for handling the pandemic corona virus (Covid-19) in the capital city.

DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary (Sekda) Marullah Matali said that one of the efforts prepared was the implementation of micro lockdown in the red zone and the orange zone.

“The DKI Provincial Government carries out worst case scenario the first is the micro PPKM policy strictly on the orange zone and the red zone with the micro concept lockdown,” said Marullah in the BNPB Pusdalops Youtube video that was viewed on Monday (28/6).

Looking at the geographical conditions in Jakarta, said Marullah, the boundaries between RT to other RT are close to each other. Thus, in addition to the red zone RT, the RT in the orange zone must also be a concern.

Marullah said that currently there are 10 RTs that are included in the red zone. As for the orange zone, there were 313 RTs.

“Therefore, there may be some red zones in certain RTs while other RTs may be adjacent to the red zone RTs, we have to carry out strict restrictions or procedures,” he said.

Not only that, Marullah also said that in the worst case scenario, there will be closure of places and public roads that have the potential to cause crowds. If implemented later, the road will be closed from 20.00 to 04.00 WIB.

Polda Metro Jaya has now closed roads at 10 points which are valid from 21.00 to 04.00 WIB.

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Another effort that will be taken is to increase the capacity of patient care locations at the Covid-19 referral hospital. In addition, it also adds an isolation place for OTGs.

Marullah said that his party had made an inventory of flats in Jakarta to be used as locations for self-isolation.

“Preparation of flats to isolate Covid-19 patients, such as the Nagrak flats, Pasar Rumput. Yesterday we also reviewed the Daan Mogot flats, Pulogebang and other flats,” he said.

Furthermore, Marullah hopes for BNPB to reactivate isolation hotels for Covid-19 patients.

“If possible, hotels for OTG will be revived outside the locations prepared by the local government,” said Marullah.

Based on data as of Sunday (27/6) yesterday, the addition of positive cases in DKI Jakarta again broke a record of 9,394. This number is more than the addition on Saturday (26/6), which recorded 9,271 cases.


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