Animal health in Gabon: pets switch to vaccine

#Gabon : Every October, the Gabonese government conducts a week-long campaign against rabies and other diseases common to humans and animals. A saving initiative, since not all pets are properly vaccinated in the country.

This umpteenth annual operation exclusively concerned dogs. Under the tents erected by the veterinarians of the General Directorate of Livestock at the roundabout of PK12 in Libreville, owners in search of betterment for their animals flock.

In Gabon, not all pets or domestic animals are properly vaccinated. However, vaccination is useful. “It is important to vaccinate your dog to protect yourself and those around you. If the dog that is not vaccinated contracts rabies, which is fatal, in the event of a bite, the human runs the risk of dying if he does not do it in time, ”warned Léa Pulchérie Mouckagni, agent at the Directorate General for Animal Husbandry.

The state department shows a satisfactory result with a total of 50 dogs vaccinated since the launch of the current campaign. Farlonne Pasquo came to have her dog vaccinated as a preventive measure: “If my dog ​​bites another animal and it is not vaccinated, it could cause me problems,” she fears.

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According to the World Health Organization, 95% of human rabies is due to dog bites and 3-4% to cat scratches. In the event of being bitten by a stray dog ​​for one reason or another, Léa Pulchérie Mouckagni gives these recommendations: “If a citizen is bitten by a dog, he must report to our services and go to the specialized treatment center of Nzeng Ayong to undergo treatment and do the necessary checks”.

Gaël Moussavou, who takes care of a family’s puppy, welcomes the government’s initiative. “This is the first vaccine for him, he is only 23 months old. It is a very beneficial operation for many dog ​​owners, especially those who cannot afford to provide medical follow-up to their animals,” he confides.

“Since 2018, 8 cases of rabies have been recorded in humans, so there could be several cases in Gabonese households, hence the interest in having our dogs vaccinated”, warned Dr. Annick Mondjo. , Director General of the Infectious Disease Control Program in Gabon.