Animal shelter in NRW: Fierce! Animal has to have a penis amputated

Animal shelter in NRW: Fierce! Animal must be penis amputated – “It’s very depressing”

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These stories from a Animal shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia get under your skin!

Because in the cat station there, the sad fates are piling up. That Tierheim Bergheim (NRW) shared some particularly sad stories.

Animal shelter in NRW shares sad fates on social media

The Bergheim animal shelter gives impressions of its cat quarantine station on its Instagram profile. It also shares a photo of an old animal that has lost its home.

“It’s very depressing walking through our cat quarantine facility these days. Rarely have we had so many sad cases sitting next to each other,” writes the shelter for the Instagram post.

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Animal shelter in NRW touches with post on Instagram

“There is Simba with the penile amputation whose owners could no longer afford the costs. There is sweet, who was handed in here by his owners as a found animal. There is the overweight, matted mouse whose owner is in the nursing home. Next door sits Yuki, who was handed in to the veterinary clinic by his people who are seriously ill. And finally Josi, who you can see in the photo,” says the moving description.

The shelter does not reveal why cat Simba’s penis had to be removed. It also remains unclear whether the owners of Süss were confronted with their lie.

The fate of cat Josi is also moving. She is already 18 years old – a proud age for a cat. “Her owner was placed in a foster home, she failed to socialize with another cat in the family and that’s how she ended up with us.”


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Animal shelter in NRW: Cat Josie should quickly find a new home

Cat Josie should quickly get a vet check and then find a new home as quickly as possible, as the animal shelter Bergheim hopes.

A dog in North Rhine-Westphalia had to go through difficult times – then fate struck again mercilessly! More about the sad story can be found in this article>>> (cf)