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The reason for this lies in an idyllic forest clearing not far from the Aare: the Bern animal center
dream The new building, costing CHF 11.7 million, goes into operation on October 1st. Animal protection in Bern had to go to great lengths to get the big project off the ground; in terms of time and money. For 28 years, the President of the Building Commission, Daniel Wyssmann, has been at the forefront for a new solution, because animal protection in Bern has struggled with a lack of space since the beginning in 1844 and building a new home is not welcome on every piece of land. “There is a clear improvement for the animals,” summarizes Wyssmann.

More important than ever

The walk through the still empty runs, enclosures, examination rooms, quarantine station and habitats reveals a space that is designed for the natural and social needs of the animals. That will also be necessary, because during the pandemic there was almost a kind of sell-off in animals, while now more and more are coming back. So the system will be well filled. This will also be felt in the operating costs. “It gives us a little stomach ache. But we are also fulfilling a mandate that is regulated by the state,” explains President Dorothea Loosli. Animal protection in Bern is taking a risk and is dependent on support from the canton and the municipalities.

added value for everyone

The public sector could also see this as a good investment when you see how the animal center is designed. The animal-friendly areas are one thing; on the other hand, a large training room and a reception area that focuses on information provide new tasks: “We at Bern Animal Protection see ourselves as the mouthpiece for all animals, including livestock and wild animals,” emphasizes Loosli . Specifically, it’s about prevention. A peaceful coexistence of humans and animals means that the human species accepts that it enters into an interspecies partnership and does not try to trim it down for its own interests. “The needs of the animals are above the benefits,” summarizes the President. With advice, support, information, training and courses, the home becomes a center.

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The center

So there is a vision behind the name “Berner Tierzentrum”. «Pets are a civilizational achievement, like fire or writing. We take care of them, give them names and they become part of the family. Sometimes that doesn’t work and then an animal shelter is needed. Prevention should ensure that this happens as little as possible,” summarizes Loosli. Managing Director Lukas Bircher explains that these tasks apply beyond the fence: “There are also wild animals and plants in our area. We want to ecologically upgrade this forest clearing,” he reveals. The building itself bears witness to this. The roofs are green, as little surface as possible was sealed, even the parking lot is designed in this way. The center is not a colossus in the countryside, but a green oasis.

It is to be wished for the animals that are moving from Oberbottigen to Hinterkappelen these days that they can get a little idea of ​​how their situation will noticeably improve with this move. In two ways: First, you get a nicer place to stay, and second, the new building draws attention to the fact that many creatures are hoping for a second chance here. With all these tasks, the animal center can perhaps also raise awareness: it does not always have to be the demanding pedigree animal from the super breed. A small creature that finds a family connection can be enriching for humans and animals. In order for the constellation to work, the Bern Animal Welfare Service ensures that the respective situation is clarified in advance. “These animals shouldn’t have to come back, if possible,” says the head of the new center, Therese Beutler. Animal shelter was yesterday, animal center today. And tomorrow? Maybe a little bit better world for some animals.

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