animators suspended for violence against a two-year-old child

The facts were discovered thanks to a video circulating on Snapchat: we see a two-year-old child crying and having trouble falling asleep during the nap, according to what the municipality reports to France Bleu. One of the animators, annoyed by the tears, then approaches the little girl and pushes her violently against the ground. The video was sent to the mayor by the City Youth Department.

The host in question has been suspended. The author of the video and two other animators who witnessed the scene were also dismissed, for not having reacted to the violence. “It is unacceptable and very shocking», Launches France Bleu Frédéric Bonnot, the chief of staff of the mayor of Saint-Denis. “A facilitator who works in the early childhood environment cannot get upset with a kid who cannot take a nap!».

«The little girl has no bruises, but the video I saw reveals unacceptable, horrific behavioral violence. We see the host pushing the girl, who falls to the ground. He doesn’t even bend down to pick her up!», Indignant in The Parisian the new mayor PS Mathieu Hanotin. In the same video, “other objectionable behaviors towards children are visible, without the children being identifiable», He emphasizes. It would therefore be a question of determining whether this case is an isolated act or whether it concerns repeated acts.

A complaint was filed with the public prosecutor on Saturday July 18. The municipality of Saint-Denis also says it has opened an administrative investigation and reported the situation to the departmental directorate of social cohesion.

A psychological follow-up will be set up from July 20 for the children of the center, specifies the town hall, which declared to want to communicate to the family of the victim the identity of the animators implicated, “to allow him to file a complaint by name»As part of a civil party constitution. The municipality itself will file a complaint for “image damage».

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