Anita Ábel spoke honestly about her relationship with her ex-husband

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Anita Ábel lives in a balanced relationship with her partner, Roberto, and of course with her daughter Luca from her first marriage. However, her fiance does not play any kind of fatherly role in her child’s life, the relationship between them is much more friendly. “I’m not saying it was an easy road. It helped a lot, and it is important to mention that I have a very good relationship with my ex-husband. There is also a fantastic girl next to him who loves Luca very much and has accepted that we are good. I always say this: it is possible to do this in a cultured way. Because if two people do not continue their lives together, we will remain co-parents for the rest of our lives. This is an alliance that cannot be broken,” said Anita Ábel in the show #nofilter – Women without filters.

She revealed that at the time when she and her husband decided to divorce, they did not do so because of a third party. They both simply felt that their relationship was tired after sixteen years together. In the end, it was Anita who said it. “I knew we would both live a fuller, happier life, and we did.” He also explained that on the one hand he decided to leave his marriage because of himself, but not least because of his daughter. As he said, he did not want Luca to end up seeing a psychologist as an adult because of his parents’ dysfunctional marriage.

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