Anita Yuan’s appearance in the live broadcast of an Internet celebrity has aroused heated discussions among netizens: I don’t know who I am

Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yuyi (beautiful) are recognized as loving couples in the entertainment industry. In recent years, they have been participating in mainland variety shows from time to time as husband and wife, and Liangliang will often live without makeup in private, and her beauty is still recognized by netizens. A few days ago, Liangliang appeared on the live broadcast of mainland Internet celebrities, but because the filter was too heavy, her appearance became unnatural, which caused heated discussions among netizens. It can be seen that in the live broadcast Liangliang appeared in a white shirt, but the filter effect caused her facial features to be out of balance. The sharp eyes and super-pointed chin were shocking. Afterwards, even the Internet celebrities also found that the filter effect seemed too heavy. The effect is slightly adjusted, but it is still very different from the usual appearance of Liangliang.

Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Anita are recognized as loving couples in the entertainment industry. (Yuan Yuyi’s Weibo photo)

The pretty girls don’t usually make up too much. (Yuan Yuyi’s Weibo photo)

Su Yan is pretty. (Yuan Yuyi’s Weibo photo)

After watching the live broadcast, many netizens left messages saying: “Sure enough, only Internet celebrities need to use filters!”, “Zhang Zhilin can’t recognize his wife, right?”, “I really can’t believe filters!” and so on.

I don’t even recognize this at all. (Online picture)

Naturally return to less. (Online picture)