Anitta breaks a new record on YouTube with her hit “Wrap”

Anitta is the Brazilian artist of the moment by breaking an important record on YouTube / Photo: AFP

brazilian singer Larissa de Macedo Machadobetter known as Anittacontinues to break records on digital platforms with his latest hit “To involve“, which became the most viewed video clip today in YouTube con 148 million views Until now.

The music rankings and statistics of YouTube showed that, although the native of Rio de Janeiro It no longer owns the most listened to song in the world by going down to the seventh position, its music video surpassed the K-Pop group, Big Bang, and to his own Harry Styles.

The complete YouTube ranking led by Anitta

Con almost 150 million views within the first 5 months of the premiere of “To involve“, Anitta is the artist who leads the Top 10 most popular music videos, although she is not the last Latin American on the list, since they accompany her Paulo Londra and Cris Mj.

  1. To involve – Anitta
  2. Still life – BIGBANG
  3. Naacho Naacho – Rahull Siplgani & Yazin Nizar
  4. As it was – Harry Styles
  5. Chance – Paulo Londra
  6. Halli Naatu – Kaala Bhairava
  7. Plan A – Paulo Londra
  8. One night in Medellin – Cris Mj
  9. Pushpa: Saami Saami – T-Series
  10. Nobody like u – 4*Town (Turning Red)

According to YouTube, Anitta reached the first position after the video clip was seen only between last April 8 and 14 17.7 million timessurpassing the K-pop group Bigbang, the British Harry Styles and the Indian Yazin Nizar.

The worldwide success of the Brazilian

the brazilian 29 years oldhad already recently reached the top of the list of most listened to songs on Spotify around the world, also with “Envolver”, a composition of the Latin urban genre that he recorded in Spanish and already has more than 6.4 million views on the music platform.

Anitta’s records, accompanied by scandals

Anitta’s new record came on the eve of her successful performance at Coachella 2022 and after announcing that he blocked the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaroafter an ironic comment from the president about the colors of the Brazilian flag that the Brazilian artist used in her concert at the Rio de Janeiro festival.

“I immediately put a block so that its administrators do not continue to use my social networks to generate rumors on the Internet”


The social network has added that “the video continues to rise on the platform more than seven weeks ago.” The singer has once again toasted the massive public of the Californian festival with a explosive performance of ‘Wrap’ in his presentation last Friday.

“On the eve of her long-awaited Coachella performance, Anitta conquered that all-important milestone. There are more than 140 million views of the video clip, truly a phenomenon that enveloped the entire world”

Walter Venício, manager of musical associations for YouTube Music for Latin America

On April 12, 2022, Anitta released “Versions of me”, her fifth studio album and the most international work he has done so far, with collaborations like those of the British Afro B, the American Khalid or the rappers Ty Dolla $ ign y Cardi B.


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