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Anna and Olivia’s mother disseminates a video of the missing girls in Tenerife

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  • The blood found on the boat is from the father of the little girls

  • The Civil Guard continues with the investigations and yesterday searched the house in which the Tenerife businessman lived for a year and a half, on which a search and arrest warrant weighs

The blood found in the boat of Tomás Gimeno, Esquilon, it’s his and not his daughters, Olivia and Anna, aged six and one, respectively. That is the conclusion of the analysis of the biological samples collected in the boat by the civil guards of the Criminalistics Laboratory of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, just when this Tuesday is fulfilled one week after the disappearance of the man along with the two minors, which she took with her without her mother’s permission.

Precisely, Beatriz Z., Anna and Olivia’s mother has released a video among her relatives to try to help locate the little ones. “That people do not forget and that it is disseminated throughout the world so that they are recognized”, is explained in the message broadcast through WhatsApp.The broadcast video shows the two little girls in a very affectionate attitude and close-ups of the girls’ faces can be seen.

This is not the first time that the mother has asked the citizens for help, since this weekend she launched a message of hope in which she was convinced that her daughters are fine.

“My message is to send a lot of light and love to the girls, that I am sure they are fine. That they do not watch the news feeding the bad energy, that everyone thinks that girls are a beautiful light that they are protected and that as for less hope they will be playing and running happily “, said the message published by COPE Canarias, collected by Europa Press.

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Beatriz ends the text wishing that everyone “has a strong emotion that they appear and give thanks in advance, feeling from the heart that they are already with their mother.”

Father’s home records

Meanwhile, the Civil Guard continues its investigations and yesterday morning carried out an exhaustive search of the house in Igueste de Candelaria where Gimeno lived for a year and a half.

The intervention carried out at number 23 of the Camino Cruz Colorada is the third that takes place at said address by the Armed Institute. But, without a doubt, yesterday’s was the most conscientious and prolonged in time. But that search for clues and clues was unsuccessful to find out what could have happened to the businessman and the girls.

Until now it is unknown if Tomás Antonio Gimeno made movements of relevant amounts of money in your bank deposits in the days prior to your departure from the marina of Marina Tenerife, in the capital of Tenerife. In addition, investigators must confirm whether or not this operation may be related to the disappearance.

This Monday it transpired that the four agents of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) who began to work last Saturday in Tenerife to collaborate in the clarification of the case will be dedicated to analyzing the telecommunications around Tomás Gimeno. They are members of the Information Technology Support Group (GATI).

Turning on the mobile

The start of his work on the island coincided, precisely, with the ignition of the duplicate card of Gimeno’s mobile phone, which occurred during the morning of last Saturday and was allegedly carried out by said security personnel to determine calls, WhatsApp messages, contacts and other items That they can determine what the parent of the minors did before and after leaving Marina Tenerife for the last time, at 00:30 hours last Wednesday.

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The captain of Marina Tenerife, Enrique Alonso, explained to Telecinco that, being a boat less than 10 meters in length, Tomás’ boat did not have a GPS or AIS system, which could offer the location of the boat from the moment it set sail. A radar can locate it by the metallic elements that it carries, but it does not identify what it is. The investigation runs through various routes and several hypotheses are considered, among them, that one or more people will help Gimeno to carry out a preconceived plan, point out the sources consulted by Efe.

The day last Tuesday was busy for the father of the minors. In the morning he was seen in one of the farms his family owns in Guaza (Arona), where he asked a man to put new brake pads on his white Audi A3. At 5:00 p.m., he picked up the minors at his ex-partner’s home, Beatriz Zimmermann, in Radazul (El Rosario). Later, the oldest, Olivia, went to receive paddle tennis or tennis lessons. It should be remembered that Gimeno came to practice and compete in paddle tennis tournaments, a sport for which, according to some experts, he had qualities. Meanwhile, Gimeno remained with her young daughter, Anna. According to the captain of Marina Tenerife, Enrique Alonso, at 5:50 p.m., Gimeno went to start the Mercury engine of his boat to see if it worked. Everything indicates that at that moment he put fuel. And it is that, in recent years, the outings that he made with the boat were not frequent.

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Related news

The girls were then transferred to the home of Gimeno’s parents, in the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. According to the information that has emerged so far, Tomás said goodbye to them at 7:30 p.m. In addition, he gave his father a hug, as a sign of farewell, a gesture he never did. From that moment on, it is not known, for now, where he was, until at 9:30 p.m. he arrives at Marina Tenerife. In that time, he made three trips between his car and the ship with bags and various packages. Already then He had told his ex-wife that he was having dinner with the minors and that was why he had not taken them. At 9:50 p.m. he left the marina with an unknown destination. Nine minutes later, his ex-partner called him and Tomás replied that he will never see his daughters again, nor will he. In addition, he clarified that he would take good care of them. The woman went to the Radazul Civil Guard post to report the warning. Olivia and Anna’s parents spoke again at 10:40 p.m. and Tomás Antonio reaffirmed himself in the previous message. Five minutes later, Gimeno’s cell phone was either turned off or it ran out of battery.

Three-quarters of an hour later, at 11:30 p.m., the businessman entered Marina Tenerife again. He got back into the Audi A3 and went to a gas station on the San Andrés highway to buy a mobile phone charger. Back at the marina, he charged the terminal for about 20 minutes. And later, at 00:30 hours, re-embarked on Esquilon to go out in an unknown direction.


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