Anna Buzova openly brags about her boyfriend in retaliation for Olga


Anna Buzova does not spare her sister – while Olga works at a concert, her sister shows the perfect family evening, and most importantly – her beloved boyfriend.

Olga Buzova’s own sister is already openly showing off her boyfriend. She demonstrates the moments of a family feast, ironically speaking. Anna Buzova jokes about the gift to her beloved husband on February 23, saying that she made the best gift to her boyfriend.

– I think I made my beloved the perfect gift for February 23 – dinner with the mother-in-law!

Constantine himself reluctantly supports the girl's playful remarks. In addition, Anna calls the man “Beloved” by word. Further, the present boast began in Anna's storys – while the couple is riding in the car, the girl dances under the nineties hit “Love me, love,” and then the couple demonstrates impulses of tenderness to each other.

Anna Buzov's latest publications are literally soaked through with love in all its manifestations – a family dinner, a photo of a mummy, and tender words, and a love song that the couple sings along with. So did the sister decide to put pressure on her sister's callus? Olga Buzova often expressed that she would like to find the support, support and love of a good man. But her own sister did not miss the opportunity to subordinate the "kinsfolk."

The sisters have been competing since their youths and often arguing, and the idyll has come into their relationship only in recent years. But after the joint celebration of the thirty-third birthday of Olga Buzova, the sisters are again in confrontation and show a clear coldness to each other. And although the sisters did not report exactly what caused the discord in the family, users on the network are building their assumptions. For example, subscribers of girls believe that beauties could jinx it.

Anyway, even in difficult times you need to be support for each other, and not inspire even more longing for unfulfilled dreams.



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