Anna Nooshin and fiance Nassim Zeta break up after four years of relationship | NOW

Anna Nooshin and her fiancé Nassim Zeta have ended their relationship after about four years. The 35-year-old Nooshin reports this via Instagram on Tuesday.

According to Nooshin, they part with a lot of sadness, but also a lot of love. “My faith in love will always be there and I will cherish the time we had together. I love him very much and I will always be grateful for the beautiful years together. I hope we can both share this in peace deal. Hope for understanding,” says Nooshin.

Nooshin and Zeta got engaged in April 2019. They both announced this via social media at the time. Despite their intention to get married, the couple did not rush.

In March 2020, Nooshin said: “I’m really enjoying this phase and I secretly think it’s very romantic when it becomes a small affair. I think there’s a good chance that when it comes to that, exactly nobody will know.”

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