Annalena Baerbock becomes the target of a major campaign

Berlin –

The lobby organization Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft (INSM) placed advertisements against the election manifesto of the Greens on Friday (June 11) in printed editions and on websites of German daily newspapers. This caused quite a stir now.

  • “Annalena and the 10 prohibitions”: Initiative places advertisements against the Green election program
  • Employers distance themselves from anti-Baerbock ads
  • Lots of criticism on Twitter

The campaign shows the face of the Greens chairman and candidate for chancellor Annalena Baerbock, which is retouched onto a body in the robe of Moses holding two stone tablets with ten commandments. Depending on the version of the ad, the photo has slogans such as “Why we don’t need a state religion” or “Why green bans don’t lead us to the promised land”.

In the ad, the INSM lists bans that the Greens believe they want to implement with their policies, such as “You are not allowed to fly” or “You are not allowed to freely negotiate your employment”. On its website, the initiative writes that it sees itself “as a cross-industry and cross-party platform and is open to everyone who feels connected to the social market economy”. According to its own information, the INSM is financed by employers’ associations in the metal and electrical industry.

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Major campaign against Annalena Baerbock, employers’ associations distance themselves

The Federal Association of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) immediately distanced itself on Friday: “Personal degradation and the unsuccessful use of Christian symbols are not appropriate handling in the necessary contest over political content.” This is not the style of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations. “Social partnership is based on mutual respect,” announced the association.

There are also numerous criticisms of the campaign on Twitter: “Of course, an election campaign is an election campaign. But the INSM would be well advised to leave the subject of religion, which it obviously does not understand anything, to others. Here she has completely misunderstood and should make sure that she does not stir up prejudices with such representations, ”writes Charlotte Knobloch, President of the Israelite Community in Munich and Upper Bavaria, until 2013 Vice President of the World Jewish Congress.

“A candidate for Chancellor as orientalized Moses who wanted to bring a false state religion over Germany?” Wrote the Baden-Württemberg anti-Semitism commissioner Michael Blume on Twitter and warned against “using anti-Semitic conspiracy myths in the election campaign”.

The Greens are not the first party to be the target of the INSM: In 2017, they accused Martin Schulz, then SPD candidate for chancellor, of wanting to levy a tax on the wealthy from 60,000 euros – which was wrong. The current SPD candidate Olaf Scholz was also caricatured by the INSM as the “debt king” because of the record debt resulting from the corona crisis. (dpa / mg)