Anne Frank: they identify the suspect of having “betrayed” the family of the author of the famous diary

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image source, Ann Frank Museum


Anne Frank’s diary, written secretly from the Nazis, is still very popular 70 years after her death.

An investigation revealed this week has identified a person suspected of betraying Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis during World War II.

The young woman, who became famous for the diary she wrote about the conflict, died in a concentration camp at the age of 15, after spending two years in hiding from the Nazi regime in Amsterdam.

The diary written by Frank is considered one of the most important testimonial documents of the Jewish Holocaust during the war.

And this week, a team of investigators, including a former US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent, noted that Arnold van den Bergh, an important figure in the Jewish community in the Dutch capital, was the one who handed over Frank and his family to the Nazi regime.