Anne Will: Expert speaks plain text – “Russia flattens Ukraine”

Security expert Claudia Major spoke plainly on Sunday (June 20) on “Anne Will”.

Talk host Anne Will asked on Sunday: “Solidarity with Ukraine – what are Germany and Europe ready for?” It was not only a question of when the country can be admitted to the EU, but also whether Germany is really doing enough militarily. A security expert clearly expressed her opinion here.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba left Ukraine in no doubt about what would happen if the West stopped sending weapons to Ukraine: “If we don’t get weapons, fine, then we will fight with shovels, but we will defend ourselves, because this war is a war for our existence.”

There was no more plain text in the ARD talk show “Anne Will” on Sunday evening (June 20).

Kuleba further said: “So the sooner we get weapons, the sooner they are sent, the greater the help for us. If weapons are sent later, we will still say ‘thank you’, but then a lot will be lost, many people will have died.”

Kuleba went on to say that no one should think that without arms deliveries, Ukraine would be more willing to make concessions. “The later they send us the weapons, the more people will die first and the more people will fall victim to Russian atrocities and more Ukrainian territory will be conquered by the Russians.” He made the cruel logic clear.

Kuleba went on to say that his country had significantly fewer weapons than Russia, and that Putin was outnumbered in many ways. “We cannot win the war with such an imbalance.”

“Anne Will”: Kuleba speaks plain language – “The Germans have to know that”

When asked by Will whether Kuleba resented the chancellor for Scholz continuing to seek dialogue with Putin, he said: “Putin lied to everyone before the war, the Germans must know that.” Shortly before the invasion he assured Ukraine that he did not want to attack anyone – that turned out to be a lie. “Whether the West speaks to him or not, Putin does not seek dialogue. He does what he wants.”

One thing is certain: the question of the right amount of arms deliveries polarized the ARD group. While some defended the chancellor’s cautious approach, others want more support. For example, security expert Claudia Major, who supports Kuleba’s analysis.

“Anne Will”: Expert leaves no doubt – “Then it would be bad for us”

After all the discussions about whether there was really enough help from Germany, she seemed to be bursting on the show: “Russia is flattening Ukraine and destroying everything. The question is how long the Ukrainians can endure it.” She said that the war would last a long time and that Ukraine was now running out of weapons.

It must now be clearly in the interests of the West and Germany to supply the country with the weapons it needs. When she executed it, she left no doubt as to how dangerous it would be for the rest of Europe if Russia won. Then Ukraine would no longer exist.

In the process, she referred to Poland, which had delivered Russian-made T-72 tanks to Ukraine from its own stocks after consultation with NATO. Major: “Should Ukraine lose, then our security would be extremely badly off. We have to ask ourselves: are we doing enough?” In her opinion, the answer is currently: no. (mg)

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