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Annecy, it's over, but the winners are picked up in Lyon and Paris

Before a possible winter edition of the Annecy Festival resuming a selection of films from the official selection with novelties at the end of the year, the list is traditionally picked up in Lyon and Paris. The opportunity to see and see the cream of Annecy.

In Lyon, Comoedia, led by the "dealer" of small happiness, Marc Bonny, offers two sessions this weekend:

  • Saturday, June 22 at 11:15: Award-winning short films program including Memorable, by Bruno Collet (Crystal Short Film, Public Prize and Junior Jury Award), Uncle Thomas, from Regina Pessoa (Jury Prize), which I mentioned in my post on the charts. But also Do not Know What, by Thomas Renoldner (Cristal for the short film "Off-Limits") that I mentioned in my review of the festival, focusing on the links between animation and contemporary art.
  • Sunday, June 23 at 18h: Preview of I lost my body, by Jérémy Clapin, Feature Film Crystal and Audience Award (theatrically released on November 6th).

In Paris, the Forum des images offers no less than 5 sessions at the beginning of July:

  • Wednesday, July 3 at 18:30: Away by Gints Zilbalodis, Prix Contrechamp, and a singular work, albeit unfinished, done alone by this young Latvian animator.
  • Wednesday, July 3 at 8:30 pm: carte blanche at the platform and magazine Short, with the two courts cited above, but also the impressive Bridge, by Di Liu, bluffing replay of Kurosawa's sword films with puppets.
  • Thursday 4th July at 5pm: short films awarded (1re part) with Memorable, again, but also the hypnotic flowmention of the André-Martin Award for Adriaan Lokman (interviewed here) and The good life, moving and funny telefilm by Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat and Nathaniel H'limi (jury prize for a TV special I mentioned here).
  • Thursday July 4th at 7pm: award-winning short films (2e part), with Uncle Thomas, again, Do not Know What (quoted above) and the imperfect but endearing My jukebox, by Florentine Grelier, Prix André-Martin for a French short film.
  • Thursday 4th July at 9pm: I lost my body.

Otherwise, Buñuel after the golden ageof Salvador Simo, mention of the jury for feature film was released theaters yesterday, Wednesday, June 19. Criticism of this filming story portraying the famous filmmaker is here.

For those who do not live in Lyon or Paris, there is the possibility of seeing a number of online movies, such as Memorable, Uncle Thomas and flow.

One can also admire the five short films traditionally made by students of the Gobelins school to introduce each session. Inspired by the abundant imagination carried by the guest country of honor, Japan, these short films pay tribute to the passage to Godzilla (Tokyo Apocalypse), Kurosawa (Senjo) and of course to the masters of animation, Isao Takahata, to whom Hayao Miyazaki, from behind, serves an appetizing ramen …

Stéphane Dreyfus

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