Annecy snatches victory in Bastia and takes the lead • Actufoot • Pro / amateur football news

The FCBB still does not succeed, Annecy takes the lead. The match had however taken a long time to get started with a very choppy start to the meeting and without intensity. The first situation of the meeting arose in the 22nd minute of the game after a very good job from Testud but Bosetti’s strike was repelled by the island goalkeeper.

On the next action, the Fécé found the loophole and took the advantage on a distant strike from Jonathan Ruque (25 ‘). The FCBB, courageous and full of determination, therefore decided to go back on the attack and just before half-time, Bassouamina gave hope to his family by delivering his fifth assist of the season for Moulaye Ba (41 ‘).

A box that changes everything

Upon returning from the locker room, Albert Cartier’s men returned with the same intentions and the intention to bring down a team that remained on 6 consecutive matches without defeat. A first strike from Cropanese (51 ‘) then a second from Ba (60’) cast doubt in the minds of the Savoyards.

But in the 70th minute, the odds turned in their favor. On a high ball, the captain and metronome, Alexandre Cropanese left his partners at 10 for dangerous play … Despite this, the Corsicans did not give up, remained united and could even have taken the lead on a big mess (75 ‘). Unfortunately, faced with a team full of confidence and outnumbered, the situation was further complicated just at the KO goal, scored 5 minutes from time by Omar Wadé (85 ‘).

The image of Corsican players on the ground at the time of the goal says a lot about the distress of the island team after this still negative result which further pushes the FCBB to last place in the standings after the success of Créteil (18th). Les Annéciens carried out a superb operation and temporarily took the lead in the championship with 23 units.

FC Bastia-Borgo notes

  • Arnaud Ballijon (6)
  • Yohan Marmot (5)
  • Moustakim Assoumani (6)
  • Mohamed Hamdi (5)
  • Cheick Doumbia (5)
  • Lucas Pellegrini (5)
  • Julien Elderly (6): replaced in the 90th by Jordan Machado
  • Alexandre Cropanese (5)
  • Mons Bassouamina (6) : replaced in the 70th by Mamadou Magassouba
  • Moulaye Idrissa Ba (6)
  • Jérémy Grain (5): replaced in the 90th by Joseph Vittori
  • Kévin Mbala (not rated): replaced in the 15th by Jeremy Grain
  • Albert Cartier (coach, 6):

FC Annecy ratings

  • Florian Escales (6)
  • Jonathan Ruque (6)
  • Kevin Mouanga (5)
  • Jonathan Goncalves (5)
  • Maxime Bastian (5)
  • Ahmed Kashi (6)
  • Alexandre Fillon (5): replaced in the 70th by Steven Pinto-Borges
  • Godson Kyeremeh (5)
  • Jean-Jacques Rocchi (6): replaced in the 90th through Mungo Bridge
  • Alexy Bosetti (5) : replaced in the 65th by Omar Wade
  • Kevin Testud (6): replaced in the 70th by Ahmed Mogni |
  • Laurent Guyot (coach, 5)


Omar Wadé: his entry into play did good for the Annecy attack which seemed a little sleepy in the second half. He weighed in on the defense, got a few fouls and scored the winning goal.

The Bastiais awakening: the FCBB can blame itself in this meeting. The Corsicans showed courage and determination throughout the match but were not rewarded for their efforts. After the opener, they greatly damaged one of the best defenses in the championship by coming back. In view of the second Savoyard period, he deserved much better.


The second Annecy period: even if the physiognomy turns in their favor, the Savoyards did not show their best face this evening. If the first period was mastered, the second is not to be remembered for Laurent Guyot. Lots of technical waste, little intensity and little opportunity. We will surely retain the three points.

The red card: an arbitration decision cannot be called into question even if it remains questionable. But it is true that this card came to hurt FCBB very badly during his highlight of the meeting. Beyond that, the sanction of Alexandre Cropanese and his absence will greatly harm the Corsican team for the next matches depending on the length of the suspension.