Anneke Grönloh has never forgiven Paul de Leeuw

‘That was a horror for Anneke’, says manager and confidant Bart Peeters. If such an image of you is put up for weeks in a row, it does something to you. When Anneke fiddled with her microphone on stage or something, you saw people thinking: could she have been drinking? What Anneke found much worse, however, was that she was portrayed by Paul as a woman with many varying sexual contacts. Terribly shocking for a real lady that she was.’

To forgive

And that was all caused by the parody of Paul de Leeuw, who never directly apologized to Anneke. ‘About ten years later, he admitted on TV that his parody was false. That Anneke didn’t have a drinking problem, or behaved wholly. When Anneke saw that, she sent Paul a telegram: Okay Paul, Zand Erover. I don’t think I need to explain that. But that does not mean that Anneke had forgiven him. Later she sang a duet with him and she was on his program once. That was purely a rational decision. Every time Paul had asked to do something with Anneke, it ended up in the media saying that she didn’t want that. When she said yes, I asked Anneke if she really wanted it. She said: No, I don’t want it. But if I keep saying no, I’ll be known as the sour woman who can never forgive. And that’s not good for us.’

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