With the birth of her first child, Annemarie Carpendale, 40, could not go fast enough. Therefore, she resorted to a very special "tool".

    Sex shortly before birth
Private details are rarely disclosed by Annemarie Carpendale. So far, not even the name of her son is known. It is all the more surprising, therefore, what an intimate confession the wife of Wayne Carpendale has now revealed. Not wanting to wait for her first baby to arrive, she tried her best to start the contractions.
I wanted to try a natural birth and, if it is possible, without chemical initiation or something. So two days before the deadline, I tried everything to get started on my own: cycling, massaging calves, drinking ginger tea, sex … and that ultimately led to success,

the "Taff" moderator chatted to "GALA".
Therefore, intercourse helps to induce labor
Sex as a birth accelerator? This method is often successful – but only if the baby is ready for delivery. The man's sperm contains the hormone prostaglandin, which loosens the cervix. In addition, the woman's orgasm triggers contractions that cause the uterus to contract.

Annemarie Carpendale wants more babies
Taking the labor through sex is certainly more enjoyable for many women than resorting to synthetic aids. It worked out for Annemarie Carpendale. At the beginning of May, her healthy son was born. The pain, however, was unbearable for the presenter.
Remember, I never, never, never again! Write that down, remember

she snarled at her husband in the delivery room. But after her little "Mini C", as she calls him, was born, the newly minted mother had already forgotten all the pain.
In the evening, I said, 'I want to go again!'

However, when the couple is back to the baby planning, it has not yet revealed.

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