Anniken Jørgensen, Children | The girlfriend wants children, Anniken Jørgensen does not want to: – I will not give birth to a baby just to save a relationship

In September last year, influencer and TV profile Anniken Jørgensen (26) was able to confirm that she had gotten a new boyfriend, after several weeks of romance speculation on social media.

Eight months later, in May this year, the 26-year-old shared the news that her boyfriend had gone down on his knees and made peace with her.

“Well, suddenly I was engaged”she wrote on Instagram then.

Beyond this, Anniken Jørgensen has not shared much about her boyfriend, and she has kept the details of her private life relatively close to her chest. In a brand new episode of Ida Fladen’s (36) podcast, “Ida with her heart in her hand”, she shares her thoughts on the future with her boyfriend, Theo.

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In the podcast, she says, among other things, that they have already had the big talk about children, and that they disagree.

Do not want children

The influencer admits to Fladen that she personally has never had a desire to get married or have children, something she has told her boyfriend several times. Despite this, he went down on his knees and proposed to her – and she gave him her “yes”.

The fiancé, for her part, wants children sometime in the future, and according to Jørgensen has already envisioned both the number of children and their names. Jørgensen, on the other hand, is clear in her case regarding children – even though she has changed her mind about marriage.

When asked by Fladen if she can change her mind when it comes to children, she answers in cash “no”.

Furthermore, the influencer says that if the boyfriend wants to divorce when they get older because he has a strong desire to start a family, it is a legitimate reason that she must respect.

– Then we can rather be married for ten years and have ten really nice years together. If he still wants children, then I should not give birth to a baby just because I want to save a relationship, she says.

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Furthermore, the influencer says that her boyfriend has said that he chooses a life with her in front of children.

Jørgensen herself has come to a place where she is comfortable with the idea that the relationship may one day end if he finds out that he wants children, as she thrives alone.

– I’m actually quite comfortable with the idea of ​​being alone, she says.

The online newspaper has tried to get some further comments from Jørgensen on this matter, so far without success.

Wedding in Las Vegas Vegas

Anniken Jørgensen does not just lighten the veil on thoughts about children in the podcast. She also tells about the first meeting with her boyfriend, as well as how he got engaged. In addition, she shares some details about the upcoming wedding.

Her fiancé wants to get married next year, but she does not come with a specific time. However, the 26-year-old can reveal where the wedding takes place – and it’s not just one place. There will be several weddings for the couple.

– We are going to the USA for a month where we will drive through all the states, then we will get married in Vegas, she says.

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However, a Vegas wedding is not valid in Norway, so they must also have a ceremony in their home country.

Then the couple imagines that they first get married at the courthouse, before taking the trip out into the woods for a romantic wedding and party.