Anniversary – “musik aktuell”: New strings, new tones

Mozart and Gulda, cinema and books, chansons and bangs, dumplings and servants, jazz and Schrammeln – “It doesn’t matter what kind of genre picks it up. The main thing is that it is pure music! ”And: new music. And: local music. It’s been available at musik aktuell, Lower Austria’s oldest initiative for contemporary music, for a quarter of a century. Reason enough to change perspectives from time to time.

This is how the managing director of Musikfabriks and Lower Austria culture award winner Gottfried Zawichowski also titled his anniversary season. Whereby: The motto was already there in 2020. The artist in residence (“I have a new artistic director every year”, says Zawichowski) too. Only the concerts did not take place.

“We are celebrating this year that it is finally going again!” Gottfried Zawichowski, Managing Director of Musikfabrik NÖ, on the 25th anniversary season of the musik aktuell initiative

“100” had to be canceled or postponed. 70 (including six from the previous year) are on the program until Christmas this year alone, a few were already in summer, but: “Autumn is really tight now!”

There are five dates this weekend alone, from the saxophone quartet in the Kremser Salzstadl to the Kammerer OrKöster in the Pöchlarner Rathauskeller to the ukulele and boatman’s piano in the NMS Neustadtl or piano and loops in the Zwettler Stadtsaal.

“In the beginning,” says Gottfried Zawichoski, “there were still a lot of discussions about what new music actually was. Now it’s much more open. ”This also applies to the organizers (“ we don’t interfere at all, we just offer – that’s why it works ”). And that applies even more to the audience.

That was cautious in the first few years. And now there are thousands (around 15,000 visitors per year). There are of course regular customers at the venues, “but we have everything from very small to very large”. Also the Lunzer Seebühne (in summer) or the Melker joinery. There, curator Julia Lacherstorfer is doing “Furo: re” with Alma on October 30th for the band’s tenth anniversary. And brings her solo debut “Die Spinnerin” to the Krems cinema in the Kesselhaus on November 19th.

And what about the new music in Lower Austria? In 2022 musik aktuell will deal with human and music rights, in 2023 it will be the turn of the percussion.



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