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In the anniversary of Alla Pugacheva, the singer and her relatives gathered in the studio of the program "Let They Speak" on the First Channel. And this evening sounded not only congratulations.

Journalists know that the Prima Donna never quarrels with the press, so they allow themselves to rinse her name endlessly. However, this does not mean that the singer is not aware of what is happening.

"All the time there is a lie, constantly some kind of fiction, all the time something is twisted!" – the star was indignant. Most of all, she was infuriated by the program “Secret for a Million” on the NTV channel, where Sergey Chelobanov, who calls herself Alla Pugacheva’s lover, told the host Lera Kudryavtseva intimate details.

"As a garbage can, a very beautiful girl jumps out – leading – and begins to rummage in this garbage bin," said the prima donna. "Tell me, have you slept with her?" This guest girl asks. And he sits like this … "Yes ", – he says." Oh, and what is she in bed? "- continues the presenter. And all this from the TV screen!"

True, the singer does not blame Sergei Chelobanova. “These people are not to blame, they are asked what they should answer if they come,” the artist is sure. “The level of these presenters, speakers, is to blame! And then they tell me:“ You, Alla Borisovna, don’t understand anything, because it’s dirty and the opposite gives a rating! "To hell with such a rating! You must educate, show that people strive for a good life!"

Alla Pugacheva is tired of silently watching her former lovers and husbands throw mud at her, while unscrupulous reporters profit from this. “Honestly, I’m fed up,” she said, for example, about Alexander Stefanovich. “This face is everywhere – they say he made me! So I decided that I should say everything now, since there is such a moment. Then I’ll have to be silent until 80!”


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