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Anno 1800 in the test: Super built

Because of cozy! Even building games can be pure stress: we have just commissioned the production of our first ship. But because we need cannons among other things, we have to stamp a corresponding factory out of the ground. We need bricks for that – and we do not have them right now, the production is sluggish. We already have three brickworks, but they work only with half strength, because our island offers space only for a clay pit.

Also, otherwise we have exhausted everything in optimization potential in Anno 1800, in order to defuse the bottleneck: We have replaced the trail by a real street, so that instead of workers with a wheelbarrow now slightly faster horse-drawn carriages are on the way. Despite tight finances, we even built a new warehouse right next to the brickyard to shorten the delivery route. But it does not help: we have to be patient until we can finally celebrate the completion of our first gunboat.

Actually, Anno stands as a series so rather in the reputation of being a kind of Aufbausandkasten for deep-relaxation hobbyists. At least the about 20 hours long campaign depending on the game in the newest part Anno 1800 we have experienced differently, and that means positive: We are constantly busy, get every few moments new building options unlocked, have the balance of the classes – more on that later – keep in mind, as do our computerized counterparties.

And if the program thinks that we are underemployed, there are more and sometimes less humorous jobs of our population: We recognize this by a star on the map, after which we are asked to click, in the streets free-roaming wild animals with the mouse to capture, or take a photo of a tavern – as I said, there is always a lot to do. The main plot revolves around a quarrel with a relative, it's only told through animated, talking faces and some camera shots. It's okay, but retains the somewhat boring charm of a tutor for a long time.

Job market

  1. Endress + Hauser InfoServe GmbH + Co. KG, Weil am Rhein
  2. INSYS TEST SOLUTIONS GmbH, Regensburg (Home Office)

Anno 1800 plays – despite the name – approximately from the mid-19th century in a discreetly colored British island scenario. That was an exciting time, with the industrial revolution and class struggles among others. Both can be found as an innovation over the predecessors in the construction game of Ubisoft Blue Byte. The strikes, however, are a not-so-revolutionary innovation – we can usually calm the rebellious citizens with less workload or better care. If in doubt, even 1800 like every Anno decides rather for cuddly mood than for class struggle.

Bread and other goods are produced in the typical business chains with several production companies. (Image: Ubisoft / Screenshot: Golem.de)

The classes are nevertheless enormously important and according to our impression in the long run by far the biggest change in Anno. In the beginning we only have farmers, but then quite quickly we get workers and then even craftsmen, engineers and (just!) Investors as the crown of creation. The special and challenging thing is that we need all five classes.

So we can not just transform all the farmers into workers – in the hope that they will be better. If they are not, they only specialize in other and more complex goods. For basic supplies such as liquor and clothing, we still need farmers, so we have to be careful about the right balance of classes.

For example, we create a worker by upgrading a fully occupied farmhouse. Although we get the next higher class, but lose the low of the two and have to put corresponding new farmhouses in the landscape. This constant change between high school and new construction is enormously important in Anno 1800.


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