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Anno 1800: Season Pass brings Arctic card and new quests

A few hours before the release of the final version of Anno 1800 (benchmark test) on April 16, 2019 Ubisoft announces already paid and free additional content. Thus, a Season Pass over the year 2019 distributed larger expansions will bring, while smaller gifts are distributed free of charge.

Three DLC per Season Pass or individually

So far, Blue Byte responded to questions on additional content mostly silently, only microtransactions were categorically excluded in February. Now the developer unveils the first extensions on his own Anno Union blog, although specific information about the publication period is missing. The season pass will cost around 25 euros, as a blue-byte employee on the unofficial Anno Discord server added. But this is not available anywhere.

Components of the expansion are three DLC, which are to expand independently different areas of the game and will also be available separately. First, "Sunken Treasures" complements the game for a new European map with a large continental island and quests around a diving bell, before "Botanica" becomes a botanical garden analogous to the zoo and museum. Lastly, "The Passage" propels the player to the Arctic shores, where new production chains and merchandise are available as endgame content. In addition, two corporate logos and a portrait are part of the Season Pass.

The Season Pass delivers three DLCs distributed over the year 2019
The Season Pass delivers three DLC distributed over the year 2019 (Image: Ubisoft)

A DLC and free content outside the Season Pass

The already announced and first DLC of Anno 1800, "The Anarchist", is not included in the Season Pass, but only in the context of the Digital Deluxe Edition and a soon available upgrade to the same available. The promised co-op mode and a statistic building should be handed over as well as global community quests free of charge. In addition, reference is made to mandatory balancing adjustments and bug fixes.


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