Announcement date after corona lawsuit against insurance

October 1, 2020, 8:09 am

After a wave of corona lawsuits from innkeepers against their insurance, the Munich district court is expected to announce a first decision in one of the proceedings on Thursday.

The plaintiff in the case to be decided is the host of the Augustinerkeller.

It concerns the lawsuit of a prominent Munich innkeeper against the Insurance Chamber, the largest public insurer in Germany affiliated with the savings bank group.

In Munich alone there are over 70 such lawsuits pending. The innkeepers complaining have all taken out insurance against official company closures. However, several insurers are rejecting payments, including market leader Allianz. In some standard policies, pandemics are not insured. In other policies, pandemics are covered, but often only for certain diseases and pathogens.

The plaintiff in the case pending decision is the host of the Augustinerkeller, Christian Vogler. The traditional restaurant is mainly known far beyond Munich’s city limits because of its large beer garden with 5,000 seats.

The district court has already dismissed the action of a daycare center, but this procedure was a special case. The presiding judge had already made it clear in July that the individual cases cannot be assessed across the board. (dpa-AFX)

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