Ismar Álvarez G. | THE PRESS OF LARA – Since yesterday the service of drinking water stayed discontinued for Barquisimeto, Quíbor Y El Tocuyo Due to how cloudy the liquid is, as a result of the rains of the last days in the entity.

“Since dawn hours (yesterday) in the Barquisimeto city treatment plant, product of the turbidity of the water due to the rains that occurred in the upper basin of El Tocuyo and in the upper basin of the Diego de Lozada parish, it was seen in the forced need to suspend the drinking water service for Barquisimeto, Quíbor and El Tocuyo ““said the mayor of the Jiménez municipality, the engineer Orlando Miranda.

He pointed out that at night a gandola was expected to arrive with aluminum sulfate, a chemical necessary to run the process of water purification and thus start the treatment and pumping of the service.

As he expressed, for this Thursday morning it was expected that the communities would have water in their homes, however, there are areas where the service continues without reaching.


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