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Anonymous it has returned with force. After several years of being in the shadows, the group has resurfaced with a video for joining protests against the death of the african-american George Floyd, the citizen who lost his life product of police abuse in the state of Minneapolis, united States. The group cyberactivist he sought to expose corruption and abuses of the u.s. Government, but also crimes such as death of princess Diana. We present the details as to the case most talked about all over the planet.

The hackers regained strength in the last few days after the death of Floyd and reappeared with various revelations about events that have marked -and continue to do so – in the last few decades. Thus, the account OpDeathEaterspublished the possible reasons for the death of the remember Lady Di.

According to this account, the main cause of the death of one of the most loved characters in the world during the decade of the nineties was the british royalty. That is to say, his death was not caused accidentally in Paris, as authorities said, but was caused.

According to what is revealed by this group, the royal family would have chosen to take the life of princess Diana for prevent the reveal the cases of corruption and sex trafficking of children in the that allegedly is involved royalty.

This theory had already been revealed earlier by the same group of hackers, but after the death of George Floyd and the revelations of the network of pedophiles created by Jeffrey Epstein and that involves powerful and influential characters to the world level, became to take force.

An alleged victim of Prince Charles would be the source of these revelations that the royals would have tried to hide for a long time. (Capture)

The publication of the group cyberactivist was subsequently expunged, but ‘caught’ and translated by several Twitter users. Hence, it is claimed that Prince Charles kept a helper real to her side in spite of being aware of several of the alleged violations.



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