Anonymous hacked into in Russia, the united States, China, Chile and Lebanon; details on Twitter | World

Hackers Anonymous they have published a list of governments that have been the victims of their cyber-attacks. In a new publication through his Twitter account (@YourAnonCentral), indicate that the organization has hacked state institutions of United States, Russia, China, Chile and Lebanon.

The network of hackers, who recently disseminated documents that link to Donald Trump in the criminal network of the late Jeffrey Epsteinshowed the global reach that until now have managed to to its operations, which revealed large amounts of information of powerful governments.

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Hacking in the united States

The most recent attack attributed to is the one conducted a few days ago at the website of the Minneapolis police (United States) to expose their ‘secrets’, as well as being admitted to the radio system of the police of Chicago to spread the song “Fuck the police”.

These attacks were carried out as a reaction to the case of George Floydthe citizen african-american who died following the abuse of a white police officer, which sparked protests across the country.

Attack on the intelligence agency of Russia

Anonymous also displays a report about the hacking suffered by the Federal Security service of Russia (FSB) in July of 2019. On that occasion, they managed to steal 7,5 terabytes of data from a major contractor and presented projects secrets of the intelligence agency.

These projects were aimed to block the anonymity in the navigation, to remove the social networks and help the Russian state to separate its Internet from the rest of the world, according to a report from Forbes.

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Hacking in China for supporting protests

In November 2019, while thousands of protesters of Hong Kong (autonomous territory within China) who marched against the government of Xi Jinping, Anonymous hacked into several chinese websites and files with data of government employees, including user names, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, etc

It was all part of the campaign #OpHongKong, in which they asserted that their attacks would continue until they meet the demands of the protesters: a Hong Kong totally free.

Documents of Chile exposed

In December 2019, Anonymous announced it had hacked more than 70,000 documents, tables, and other sources of information Carabineros de Chile (national police chile)”.

In one tweet, include a link to access the files. However, that address is no longer available.

Hacking of the Ministry of Finance of Lebanon

Another cyber-attacks claimed by Anonymous is the one who made the Ministry of Finance of Lebanon. For about an hour, the site was occupied by the hackers.

“Dear lebanese government: If you think you forget it, you’re wrong! We have all the data of the ministry of finance, which will be filtered soon! We do not let our people. #Espéranos”, was the message that led the organization to the officials of Lebanon after the attack.



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