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Another Anonplus attack: the site of the Siae and the 4 gigabytes of data stolen

While at 20.00 on Friday evening Anonymous Italy released a new release to explain the reasons for the unauthorized disclosure of names, emails, passwords and cell phones of trade unionists, journalists and academics, another group changed the connotations of the site of Siae, the Italian Society and publishers.

The group, known as Anonplus, not to be confused with Anonymous Italy, shortly before midnight on Friday, has hit the servers of the Siae, also changing the connotations of the site, where so far their logo stands. They are the same hackers and activists gathered under the acronym Anonplus to tell it with a tweet in which they declare to be in possession of a large amount of documents relating to the company's activities.


Anonymous Italy against the government: universities in the view of hackers

It is about 3.7 GB of data located on three separate servers abroad and currently downloadable by anyone. The action was carried out, by the admission of the collective itself, to protest against the management of the genius works entrusted to them in recent years by Italian creatives.

The Anonplus group has already been responsible for striking actions against the Democratic Party, Il Giornale and the secretary of the Lega Matteo Salvini, in February, when the group claimed to have stolen even the content of Telegram's chats from the current vice premier and minister of Indoor. The collective had also become known for the intrusion into the sites of computer companies such as Norton Antivirus and Symantec and for having attacked offline other institutional objectives in Central America such as banks and municipalities.


Anonymous returns to the attack against labor and unions

Their raids were registered in Russia and Spain with the "Operation Catalonia". One of the goals of their raids in May was also the site of the Idaho State Parliament in the United States whose home page they had changed to replace it with its manifesto. Banned from Twitter they returned with the news of the attack on the site of the province of Lodi in controversy with the mayor Sara Casanova to have excluded foreign students from school facilities by calling it racist.

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