Tesla's Vice President for International Finance Justin Makanir will leave the company, Bloomberg reports citing sources. This is the fourth top manager of the company, who announced his retirement for the last month.

According to the publication, the last working day Makanira in the company will be October 7. Officially, his departure has not yet been announced.

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00:01 September 1

Ilon Mask

Bloomberg calls Makanira one of the most senior employees of his line. Recently, he worked directly under the financial director of Tesla Deepak Ahuja.

This is not the first resignation of Tesla's top managers in recent days. Earlier it became known about the departure of Chief Accountant Dave Morton, who worked at his post for less than a month, the head of the HR department Gabriela Toledano and vice-president for finance Susan Repo. Their departure calls into question the leadership abilities of the founder and head of the company Ilona Mask, as well as his ability to competently select the team, the newspaper writes.

In early September, Tesla's shares collapsed several times after some actions Mask. At first, he refused to answer investors' questions, then repeatedly insulted the British diver involved in rescuing children from the cave in Thailand, then used marijuana on the air of a popular Internet show. Total since the beginning of the year, the paper manufacturer of electric vehicles fell by 6.7 percent.

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