Another feud in the royal family, King Charles did not expect this

There are many scandals around the royal family again, and the tension is now caused by Prince András. According to the information, the antagonism between him and King Károly is growing.

King Charles he has already revealed that he envisions a modern monarchy in which fewer people actively work for the royal family. Now he wants to further reduce costs, which his brother Prince András is not happy about.

King Károly is helpless, the tension in the family is increasing

Due to his scandals, Prince András retired from the public several years ago, and has not been among the working members of the royal family for a long time. However, you can still use the residences you rented decades ago. If it were up to King Charles, this would not be the case for long, as he would like to evict his brother as soon as possible.

Prince András currently lives in a building called the Royal Lodge, which, according to information, King Charles wants to give to Prince William and Princess Catherine. The ruler is very hopeful that his brother will move out soon as he has been offered another property. Prince Harry and Meghan have been moved out of Frogmore Cottage, this is what Prince Andrew can get.

Prince András does not want to fulfill the request

But according to the informants, the conflict between the brothers is growing, Prince András has decided that he will not move, and King Károly is helpless.

His brother signed the lease decades in advance, so there is nothing he can do– he has to agree too

said the expert.

Prince András does not want to move in any way, according to informants, the palace wants to speed up the move, so they can shut off the public utilities. King Károly’s brother is not happy about this, so the conflict between the brothers deepened.


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2023-05-21 14:57:00