Another glimmer of hope for incidence? Numbers make you sit up and take notice

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From: Tanja Kipke, Lukas Schierlinger

The corona situation in Munich is serious. On Tuesday, however, a new incidence value was transmitted, which may give reason to hope.

  • Munich’s Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter wants to cancel the New Year’s Eve fireworks in the Isar metropolis (original message).
  • With an incidence value of 1000, further measures would take effect in the state capital (update November 22, 8:06 a.m.). A lower incidence was reported again on Tuesday (update November 23, 6.44 a.m.).
  • This news ticker is continuously updated.

Update from November 23, 6.44 a.m.: On Sunday the incidence in Munich was 727.2. A day later, the value then fell again for the first time after a week and was given as 705.3. Well, on Tuesday, there is the next glimmer of hope for the Bavarian capital: According to the RKI, the incidence is currently 681.9.

However, it cannot be ruled out that the value may be higher. The city of Munich recently had to admit problems with correct information. But: The fact that the numbers have apparently decreased for the second day in a row is encouraging.

Update November 22, 8:16 p.m .: The situation in Munich’s clinics is worsening. In view of the increasing number of corona patients who have to be treated, Munich’s intensive care physicians are already warning of a “spiral of escalation”. Many postponable operations are currently being canceled. The health system is now threatened with overload.

Update November 22, 1:02 p.m .: Markus Söder highlighted the Bavarian Corona course in a new press statement. The CSU boss also commented on a possible lockdown.

Update November 22nd, 8:06 am: It would be almost too good to be true. For the first time in days, the 7-day incidence in Munich has not increased compared to the previous day. In the morning the RKI gave it as 705.3 (Sunday: 727.2).

However, it should be taken into account that less is “traditionally” sent to the health authorities over the weekends – and the state capital of Munich recently had to admit considerable problems in stating the correct incidence. So it cannot be ruled out that the relevant value will rise again towards the middle of the week.

Munich before the next corona lockdown? The incidence initially fell

If the incidence value “cracks” the 1000 mark, further lockdown measures would take effect in Munich, which are intended to bring public life down to a minimum. Gastronomy and accommodation of all kinds, sports and cultural facilities as well as body-friendly services (such as hairdressers) would have to close, leisure, sport and cultural events would be prohibited.

Corona situation in Munich dramatic: OB wants to cancel New Year’s fireworks

Origin message:

Munich – “A lot of people are currently infected in Munich,” said Mayor Dieter Reiter in the BR program “Sunday Stammtisch”. The state capital has more new infections than ever before. The 7-day incidence is already 727.2. The situation is dramatic in the intensive care units, according to Reiter. The staff is “at the limit of performance.”

Of the 24 corona patients currently in intensive care, 23 are unvaccinated. The clinic landscape is at the limit. “We’re just full,” warns Reiter on the BR show. The mayor is already planning further measures to get the situation under control.

Munich’s OB in BR broadcast on New Year’s Eve measure: “Will be the next thing we do”

After the cancellation of the Munich Christmas markets, the next ban could come soon. On the subject of New Year’s Eve, Reiter said at BR: “Probably there won’t be any bangs in Munich”. He firmly intends not to do the subject of fireworks and firecrackers in Munich this year. “It will be the next thing we do,” says Reiter. “I think most people in Munich will see it that way too.”

Due to the dramatic corona situation, there was already a ban on the sale of rockets in Bavaria last year. Firecrackers had been banned in large parts of Munich. If the mayor has his way, that will probably be the case again this year.

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