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Another portion of revelations from Football Leaks

Kilian Mbapppe

Anatoly Romanov
Anatoly Romanov

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Mbappe refused to “Real” because of the money. A little more “dirt” from Football Leaks

Hardly Guardiola began working with Bavaria, as he signed a contract with Manchester City.


Football Leaks continues to merge the information that the leaders of football clubs would like to hide. What else have we learned?

World Cup 2022 – in exchange for "PSG". New portion of football leaks

Mancini false salary, 140 million from Rybolovlev and other important news.

How Georges Mendes earned 9 million euros not on his player

First of all, Football Leaks dispelled rumors that PSG rented Mbappa from Monaco in order to avoid punishment for breaching financial fair play, since the club had previously bought it from Barcelona Neymar for 222 million euros. Recall that the striker was leased for a year with the obligation to repurchase for 180 million euros. In fact, thanks to this decision, the Parisians managed to escape from paying taxes in the amount of 30 million.

According to the source, a famous agent earned a great deal on the Mbappa transfer from “Monaco” to “PSG” Jorge Mendes. The Portuguese has received 9 million euros for participation in the transaction, although it is not the official representative of the player. It is noted that the contracts were signed retroactively.

Mbappa himself actually forced Monaco to sell it with his financial appetites. After the end of the 2016/17 season, the young footballer demanded a 16-fold increase in salary for Monegasques, after which his salary would be the same as that of the team captain Radamel Falcao – 8 million euros per year. The club refused, and then reached an agreement on the transfer of Kilian to Real. Under the terms of the transfer, Monaco had to pay 180 million euros, of which 30 million were bonuses, but later the amount increased to 214 million, since the Royal Club took over the payment of taxes from the transfer in Spain.

Mbappe refused to transfer to Real Madrid in favor of PSG. The reason was the terms of the contract, which agreed to fulfill the leadership of the Paris club. Firstly, the side of the football player received 5 million euros for the transfer to PSG – they should be paid in two parts for the first two seasons. Mbappa also demanded a salary of 10 million euros per year, but eventually agreed to the amount of 7 million euros in the first season, provided that earnings with each season will increase. Over time, the salary of the striker should increase to 12 million.

Some requests of the football player "PSG" satisfied only partially. For example, Mbappa wanted him to become the highest paid player on the team if he won the Golden Ball. However, PSG promised him a one-time payment of 500 thousand euros for the award. In addition, Kilian demanded 50 hours a year of free use of a personal aircraft, but instead received 30 thousand euros per month to pay for the services of the driver and security guard. In addition, Mbappé wanted compensation from PSG in case the club would be expelled from the Champions League for violating the financial fair play rules.

How Guardiola agreed with the "Man City", starting to work in the "Bavaria"

New data were received about the tricks of the Manchester City management. As we learned from the Football Leaks report, the English club has signed a contract with the current head coach. Josep Guardiola just two months after the Catalan began work with the “Bavaria”! It happened in October 2015. "Man City" specially organized a secret operation for the employment of Guardiola, with whom the club's sports director met Cheeky begyristine. In this case, the English club sought by all means not to allow information leaks to the press. It is reported that in the first season, Guardiola earned 13.5 million euros, and in the second – 16.75 million.

In addition, back in 2012, the management of the English club launched a project called “Longbow”, the aim of which was the fight against financial fair play. Manchester City Executive Director Ferrano Soriano It was instructed to find a way to avoid punishment for gigantic spending on the market Soriano, in his letter, said that it was necessary to carefully deal with financial fair play, so that the club would not be called "the global enemy of football." For the first four years of Sheikh ownership Mansur invested 1.1 billion euros in Manchester City, and more than 300 million were spent on newcomers in just two seasons.

According to the program of the executive director, the club created a subsidiary, which is aimed at working with expenses and shares. The task was to separate many operating expenses from the club. In particular, Manchester City sold the marketing rights of their players to Fordham Sports Management, despite the fact that all clubs must pay players for using their images for their own purposes. This allowed to save 30 million euros. After the conflict with UEFA, Man City was going to sue the Union of European Football Associations and investigators. Deal with UEFA's then CEO Gianni Infantino allowed to avoid sanctions.

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