Another record breaking! New Corona Case in RI Add 2,657, Total to 70,736


Corona virus cases (COVID-19) in Indonesia as of July 9 increased 2,657 cases. Total accumulated cases to 70,736.

The addition of positive cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia on Thursday (07/09/2020) can be seen on the website and submitted directly by the government spokesman related to handling COVID-19 Achmad Yurianto. This data is updated daily with cut off data at 12.00 WIB.

Also watch ‘New Corona Virus Daily Case in Jakarta Sets Record’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

The number of patients recovering from COVID-19 today also increased by 1,066. The total number of patients who had been cured was 32,651.

While the number of patients who died increased by 58, bringing the total to 3,417.

Previously, there were an additional positive cases of Corona on Wednesday (8/7) as many as 1,853 cases.

The total cases as of yesterday were 68,079. A total of 31,585 of them were declared cured and 3,359 died.

(dkp / dkp)


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