Another rudeness of Cristiano Ronaldo, now with a fan

the portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, starred in another controversial scene with someone trying to get close to the Manchester United scorerthis time it happened in the match against the Sheriff, corresponding to the second day of the Europa League.

The situation occurred at half time of the match played in Moldova, when a young fan approached the tunnel that led to the locker room to try to take a picture with ‘CR7’when the Lusitanian striker passed in front of her he pushed her away with his left armalthough the gesture was not aggressive, many users of social networks condemned the attitude from Portuguese.

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Cristiano Ronaldo managed to convert his first goal in the Europa League after converting a penalty at minute 39 of the duel, although apparently, the star of the ‘Red Devils’ was not in the best mood or did not consider it appropriate to serve the fanatic when there were still 45 minutes left to play in front of the Sheriff.

It should be remembered that It is not the first time that Cristiano has been in a disagreement with the fanssince a few months ago he was sued by a woman, accusing him of hitting his son, who has autism, on the handsince the Lusitanian unloaded his frustration with the little one and even ended up breaking the cell phone that the minor was carrying that day.