Very confusing are the things that are happening around the singer, José José, and then he recovers from a cancer that was removed in the prostate.

Now a new scandal broke out and the fans of the singer of 'El Triste' are very worried after his son, José Joel, in his last visit to his father got a tremendous surprise.

According to several media, the son could not reunite with his father and all because they said he did not want to see him.

"They told me that he was fine, that he looked thin, but when they informed him of my presence, he told them that he was not welcome in that house," José Joel told a Mexican publication.

This decision blew up the son of Anel Noreña, who said: "all the shit that these people injected into his head, me and Marysol, who could not see it a few months ago. They have separated him from all his people, telling him that the heroes are Sarita and Yimmy (husband of his sister). "

Likewise, José Joel revealed that his father began to feel bad because he was poisoned.

"In Miami he started to feel bad and he lost a lot of weight. They did blood tests and discovered that they were poisoning him, with rat poison, his own wife, Sara. When he found out, he said he was not going to do anything and burned the results. That is witness Laura Núñez and, obviously, Sarita (his sister), "he explained.

Finally, José Joel stressed that he will not be silent and everything will count because the health of the interpreter of "Almohada" is at stake.

"I came to investigate because I do not want to believe in the evil of this little girl. I can no longer keep the truth and say that everything is fine so you do not have a heart attack or die. It is necessary that the truth be known, "he concluded.



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