Another video with Polyakov on the eve of his death appeared on the network: he appeared in the company of a foreigner

Another video with the people’s deputy Anton Polyakov appeared on the network on the evening of his death. The recording was made in a restaurant where the politician was in the company of the assistant to the people’s deputy Anna Skorokhod Rustam Dzhambulatov and the citizen of Azerbaijan Khatai Aliyev.

The video was published by the Monastyr Telegram channel. It is noted that Aliyev, according to the website of the Azerbaijan Security Service, is on the wanted list.

In addition, it was allegedly Aliyev who called the taxi, where Polyakov was transferred.

Khatai Aliyev
Wanted in Azerbaijan Khatai Aliyev
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We add that Polyakov left the cafe on his own before his death. This is evidenced by the released video.

Polyakov was found unconscious in a taxi on the night of October 8. Initially, law enforcement officers tried to save him before the ambulance arrived, who stopped the car due to a traffic violation.

The arrived doctors stated death, and after the autopsy it became known that he died from acute coronary insufficiency, acute coronary heart disease. Methadone was also found in his blood.

As OBOZREVATEL reported earlier, People’s Deputy Anna Skorokhod was interrogated in the case of the death of her colleague Anton Polyakov.