Another video with the magic of the Carlovich Trinche was leaked

This Tuesday A second unpublished video with the best plays of the Carlovich Trinche was leaked. It corresponds to a match played in Casilda in 1990 between a team from the Casildense football league and the Rosario team. It is the second game that is released ten days after the death of the legendary Central Córdoba player, who at 74 could not overcome the heavy blow to the head after an assault in his hometown.

In this new video you can see the talent of the midfielder who was recognized by many figures of Argentine soccer, including his own Diego Armando Maradona. “We all knew the Trinche by now, but having it on the court it was an honor and watching him play was a pleasure ”, commented Hugo Miori in the video that was published by Casilda Ya.

“In a play I saw him drop a ball, just there, one meter from me, and it was extraordinary. The quality showed. It was a wonderful thing for me, because I had in front of a player who had beaten the Argentine team, a player of that category. He was a guy who only came with a pair of booties around the neck. They gave him everything and he only wanted to play. A humble guy, with enormous greatness ”, he claimed.

Days ago, one of the first images of one of the last games of the Trinche could be seen with the Argentino de Monte Maíz shirt, a cast located southeast of Córdoba. It was before Lambert. The video, which features one of the few records of the Trinche as a footballer, was published by the newspaper The voice after the contribution of producer Pablo Grecco.

In the meantime, it was confirmed that a statue will be installed in homage to the Carlovich Trinche in the Gabino Sosa stadiumof the club Central Córdoba from Rosario. Likewise, A project is underway to give its name to the city’s Sports Museum.

Victim of a violent robbery that led to his death on May 8, the former midfielder will be remembered with an initiative promoted by the provincial deputy, Rubén Giustiniani, which consists of the realization of a bronze statue, with the particularity that it will represent the player sitting in the stadium’s rostrum, the newspaper La Capital confirmed.

If there are no impediments, this week the project raised by the representative of the Equality block in the Legislature of the province of Santa Fe will be discussed, an initiative that already has the signature and endorsement of all the political blocks.

In addition, for the realization of the project, a popular collection of keys will be held, so that the supporters of the figure of the Trinche can be part of the making of the sculpture of the idol loved by the city of Rosario. The statue will have a real size and will be made by an artist from Rosario, whose name will be known in a short time. The plan is that the image of the former midfielder is sitting in the sector of the stadium that faces Virasoro street.

“For us it is a duty to recognize that legend, that popular idol, with this statue so that it remains in everyone’s memory, but not only because he was a great player, but also a great person, so that the boys and girls who they do sports, know the example that the “Trinche” left us, declared the legislator Giustiniani.

Meanwhile, another project in the provincial Legislature aims to pay tribute to Carlovich, baptizing the Sports Museum located in the southern area of ​​Rosario with his name. “There are places, names, symbols that represent us and build our identity. This contribution to culture must be valued in concrete actions, “said the provincial deputy of the Progressive Democratic Party, Gabriel Real, author of the proposal.

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