Anses credits: step by step to know how much I have left to pay

The National Social Security Administration ( Considered) continues with the delivery of different bonuses and financial aid for beneficiaries of the benefits of the organization. One of the benefits is line of credit, which grants up to $240,000 with a payment system in 24, 36 o in up to 48 installments.

The loans are aimed at retirees, pensioners and mothers, among other groups. In this way, those who have applied for the credit You can check the number of installments that you need to pay in simple steps through “My Anses”.

Meanwhile, the administrative entity advances with the payment calendar November for allowances, retirement and pensions. This last group receives Retirees-receive-an-extra-7,000-this-Thursday-check-if-you-accept-20221116-0004.html” target=”_blank”>bonus of $7,000 or $4,000 (depending on the amount of income) added to their monthly assets.

On the other hand, both holders of the Universal Child Allowance ( AUH)By pregnancy (WOW), such as retirees and pensioners, may receive a free tablets through the program Connecting with youpromoted by the National Communications Entity (enacom).

Anses credit for retirees

The credit line offered by the organization for retirees, pensioners, mothers, among other groups range from $5,000 to $240,000and have a repayment system in 24, 36 or 48 installments with a fixed rate of 29%.

Other holders can apply for the loans offered by the agency:

  • Retirees and pensioners
  • Non-contributory pension (PNC) for disability or mothers of 7 children
  • Honorary Pension for War Veterans
  • Universal Pension for Older Adults (PUAM)
  • Pensions of the Reparatory Regime for former political prisoners

My Anses: loans

To apply for an Anses loan, the following steps must be completed:

  • Gonna “Mi Considered“with CUIL and Social Security Code.
  • Present the necessary documentation: DNI and CBU.
  • In the menu, go to ” Anses Credits”“Apply for credit” – “Retirements and Pensions” (or other benefit).
  • Establish the amount and term.

Send the request and download the voucher.

My Anses: latest news

How much do I owe from the Anses credit

To control the amount of installments that remain to be paid, the following steps must be followed:

  1. enter the anses website with the Social Security code.
  2. Click on “ Anses Credits“.
  3. Then select “Consult fee amount“and the provision of the credit that corresponds to the loan that we have requested.