Ansi Kabeer: Death of Models; The hotel owner said he could not appear for questioning and police have intensified the investigation

Kochi, First Published Nov 24, 2021, 9:15 AM IST

Kochi: Police are intensifying their probe into the destruction of a hard disk in a car accident involving Miss Kerala Ansi Kabeer. As part of this, the police had issued a notice to Roy Vayalad, the owner of the hotel where the DJ party was held, to appear for questioning today. But Roy replied that he could not attend because he was at rest after the angioplasty.

The Innova car used to destroy the hard disk was taken into custody by the police yesterday. This is the car used in the hotel where the party was held. Police are investigating in whose name the car was registered. Some of the DJs who attended the party have gone abroad after the accident. Their statements will be recorded via video conference.

The hard disk was abandoned the morning of the accident. The car was used by three and four accused Vishnu Kumar and Melvin. At the request of the police for a hard disk, the Coast Guard conducted a search in the lake near the Kannankadu bridge.

Meanwhile, Excise is investigating whether a drug party was held at Hotel No. 18 in Kochi. The action was taken on the basis of a report submitted to the police excise on an AudiJ party that was attended by former Miss Kerala and others before the accident on the National Highway. The deputy commissioner of excise told Asianet News that a complaint had been lodged against the hotel in the past. Police are trying to identify all those who attended the party. Only when the footage is available will it become clear who participated.

The government told the high court that Saiju was not currently charged in connection with the car crash. However, the Kochi City Police Commissioner said that the search is on for the missing Saiju. The government had earlier said that Saiju Thankachan, who was following the car in which Ansi Kabir, Anjana Shah and his friends were traveling, had not been booked. Following this, the petition was settled. However, the Kochi City Police Commissioner said that an attempt was being made to question Saiju Thankachan and Abdul Rahman, the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident.

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