Anson Lo is expected to break the record of “72 Hours of Despair”

■The “Master” is most looking forward to traveling to Japan.


■ “Master” is currently mostly linked to film and television work. Even if he wants to spend more time on music, he is powerless.


■Despite being extremely tired, the “Leader” fights against the Sandman with will.

[Sing Tao Daily report]Anson Lo (Lu Hanting AL) tried to work for 72 hours in a series in May last year. Recently, he was busy filming dramas to describe the current work period as “crazy”, because in addition to filming dramas, he also has to write new songs for new songs. Shooting MVs, concert promotions and rehearsals, etc., will break the “72 hours of death” work record at any time, and when it comes to other than work, he originally hoped to get rid of the little habit of touching the nose and stretching.

Text: Entertainment Photo: Luo Anqiang

AL, who is rushing to film the drama “Millions of Living Together”, recently took time to attend the Charlotte Tilbury event in the middle of filming the MV, and then returned to the MV scene to continue working; but no matter how busy he is, he has a very strong family concept on Mother’s Day. On that day, they all accompanied the “godmother” to celebrate the festival. Referring to the current “Tian Di Geng” in filming, he estimates that he has a chance to break the record of 72 hours of continuous work last year. He even described the recent filming situation as “crazy”, he said: “Every time I shoot a drama, it is like this. Every time I put on makeup at 4 am in the morning and start work, it is 3 to 4 am the next day when I finish work. I don’t have enough sleep every day, so I drink fast coffee before starting work every day to make myself refreshed in front of the camera. Basically, It’s just willpower to persevere.”

Don’t dare to wait

AL pointed out that the time to wait for the burial is much longer than the shooting time, and he often waits until he is stunned, but every time he waits for the burial, he forces himself not to sleep for a while, otherwise he will not be in the state. He said, “I am often worried that not getting enough sleep will affect my work performance. If my performance is inaccurate because I am not getting enough sleep, I will feel that it is not worth it, so I have to strike a balance and take a nap or two after finishing my daily work. Hours.”

AL has made great achievements in music this year. “Megahit” sang to the street and swept the major music awards ceremonies. The recently released new song “Mr. Stranger” has also become this week’s champion song of the “903 Professional Promotion” of the commercial platform. Asked if there will be more time to play music? He pointed out that he currently has a lot of work related to dramas or movies, and he may not be able to devote more time to music, so he cannot guarantee how many new songs will be released this year, and he can only do his best.

When it comes to the MIRROR concert that the whole city is looking forward to, AL said that he has already thought about the part of his personal performance, but in order to surprise the audience, he does not want to reveal what the secret training part is at the moment. He was worried that he would not have enough time to rehearse the concert, so he had to make time for the rehearsal in the middle and night shifts during the filming.

In the face of overwhelming work, based on AL’s experience, the more intense the makeup, the more uninspired it will be, because under the condition of lack of sleep, the face oil will make the makeup more unsuitable. So now he will choose to simply stick thin. Therefore, he recommends the “PILLOW TALK-Eyeshadow Palette” launched by Charlotte Tilbury to everyone. He feels that the color of this eyeshadow tends to be natural. It can be used for natural light makeup or heavy makeup, which is very suitable for daily use.

Avoid stretching small movements

AL has small unconscious habits in daily life, such as nose touching and stretching, which have become the focus of fans’ attention. He feels that the small habit of nose touching has improved a lot. However, he has not given up the habit of stretching, he said with a smile, “I want to stretch now (during the interview), haha! When shooting commercials recently, the director asked me from time to time to make another version without stretching. Only then did I realize that I stretched my legs unconsciously, and this is also a part that needs to be improved.” I don’t want to affect my work because of my habit.

Speaking of the completion of the concert, if the global customs clearance and the quarantine after returning to Hong Kong due to the epidemic are no longer necessary, he said that he would immediately choose to fly to Japan to travel. He said, “Japan has always given me a feeling of comfort and shopping paradise. Every time I go to Japan, I eat a lot of meals, although I only eat a small amount of each meal, but I just like the feeling of eating smaller meals more often.”

■ “Master” is currently mostly linked to film and television work. Even if he wants to spend more time on music, he is powerless.

■Celebrate Mother’s Day with “Godmother”.

■The “leader” often makes small movements of stretching and touching his nose unconsciously.

■The “Master” is most looking forward to traveling to Japan.

■The “leader” was so busy that his life was turned upside down, and he only had a snack at six in the morning.

■Behind the outstanding achievements, is the long-term lack of sleep.

■”Lord” Lu Hanting took time to attend the event while filming the MV a few days ago.

■Despite being extremely tired, the “Leader” fights against the Sandman with will.


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