Ansu Fati: how Barcelona did to hire him and the demands of the star to renew until 2024

Ansu Fati flies and dreams after one of his goals last Sunday for Barcelona, ​​which beat Villarreal 4-0 Credit: AP Photo / Joan Monfort

Already for a year, Ansu Fati lived a dream:At the age of 16 years and 10 months, he was applauded at the Camp Nou after scoring a goal and giving an assist in Barcelona’s victory against Valencia by 5 to 2. That outstanding performance was on September 14, 2019. When he was replaced by the Uruguayan Luis Suárez, the public greeted his early talent and hoped for an even more promising future.

The youth who was born in Guinea-Bissau and trained at the Masía met the expectations: far from being a fleeting apparition, Now he started with everything in the Spanish League, under the orders of Ronald Koeman: At 17, he is an unstoppable gazelle and on Sunday he had enough time to command the crushing of the weak and innocent Villarreal, which greatly facilitated Barcelona’s debut in the Spanish League. He scored two goals from the 4-0 win and caused the penalty that Messi converted.

At 17, Ansu Fati surprises with his speed and handling Credit: REUTERS / Albert Gea

Apart from his brilliance on the court, situations are also triggered around his figure. According to the newspaper Marca, Barcelona wanted to renew Ansu Fati’s contract a few days ago. The Barça club had an option to extend the footballer’s commitment until 2024. However, this appeal could not be made effective. The improvement was limited to increasing his release clause to 400 million and the player having the first team number with a small financial reward.

In this way, the duration of the contract was maintained until 2022. The reason is that as Ansu Fati was a minor, he could not sign a contract of more than two years. So now the expansion and economic improvement of the footballer’s file is pending.

The Spanish media point out that This expansion will not be easy, because the youth squad wants to charge according to his potential on the pitch. In recent weeks there was a club that was willing to pay 150 million (125 fixed and another 25 in variables) to sign the player. Barça refused. If the offer was tempting for the club, also for the player who could go on to collect 10 million per season, an exorbitant figure for a 17-year-old boy who will be released on January 1, 2022. The logical thing is that the person who replaces in the presidency Josep Bartomeu wants to count on this star that other big clubs dispute.

The history of your contract

But how was the landing of Ansu Fati in Catalan lands? The Mundo Deportivo newspaper reconstructed the story about how he did to hire him. It happened that in 2008, at just 6 years old, he arrived with his family in Herrera, a municipality of Seville, and landed in La Masia with 10 in 2012. In that transit, the signing of Ansu Fati went through several countermarches, some that seemed insurmountable. However, the structure of the Barca quarry allowed it to become its last great jewel.

The hiring, according to Mundo Deportivo has its starting point when the Barça club hired his brother Braima Fati. German Wow, ‘Mani’, a charismatic scout of the club with years of experience and numerous culés signings behind him, gave the go-ahead to the midfielder and warned that his brother Ansu was really promising. During the first year he was very aware of the scrawny player.

The family, very modest, He had arrived in the Andalusian town in 2008 from Guinea Bissau. His father did it some time before to work in a municipal landfill, in the Renfe and as a driver for the mayor of Marinaleda, Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo. He saw his children only in summer. ‘Mani’ still did not take away the attention of little Ansu, who soon began to play at the Peloteros de Herrera School. Its sports director was José Luis Mena, a Barça partner. There, in 2009, they made him his first record as a footballer.

Ansu Fati celebrates his first goal with Jordi Alba.
Ansu Fati celebrates his first goal with Jordi Alba. Credit: REUTERS / Albert Gea

In 2010, Sevilla incorporated him into their quarry, but as he stood out for his great talent, the big clubs soon appeared: Betis, Zaragoza and, of course, Real Madrid and Barça. José Antonio Valdivieso, coordinator of Andalusia between 2011 and 2020, and ‘Mani’ himself took the necessary steps until the final report in 2012 with the sentence at the bottom of the page that said: “To sign FCB”, which is how the folder of future signings is closed. “He was different from everyone. He could beat the older boys. He scored so many goals that he ended up deciding the games. What surprised me the most was his personality,” Valdivieso explains to MD.

It was when Albert Puig, then coordinator of the lower divisions of Barcelona, ​​intervened, who traveled to Seville on several occasions to convince his parents. His presence in the operation was key. “Sevilla signed him. They were there for half a year until reports reached me that he played very well. We went to see him. I loved it.” comments to Mundo Deportivo. The problem was “get him out of there.” “Madrid put him in the middle. I moved talking with his surroundings, talking with the mayor, with the Peloteros School, which was the school with which he had started in the early days. I made two or three visits to his house, until I convinced the father that the best project was that of Barça “. “Real Madrid offered more money and” we made him a pure and simple maintenance. “Braima was already in La Masia.

Barça managed to sign him after a last meeting one afternoon at the parents’ house. Albert Puig, with Valdivieso at his side, achieved the signature under the watchful eye of Ansu himself, astonished at everything that was happening. Everything ran aground when Sevilla made “a retention of his youngest file.” “He had never been seen because he considered that he was too young to come.” As Sevilla did not give him permission and with the consent of the club, ‘Mani’ helped the father to send the Andalusian Federation a letter requesting that they release him. And he got it.

“But while the process did not arrive, we left him in Herrera and every three or four months he would come to La Masia and he was adapting. Already from Alevín of first year he joined”. From the same generation as Eric Garcia, with whom he can be reunited, and Take Kubo. Puig put special emphasis on Barça treating the whole situation and his hiring with care. “Our job is not so important to discover the players and sign them, but to train them, educate them and guide them in their growth. ” Today, Ansu Fati became an interlocutor of Messi, in a Barcelona in full training but that started thrashing in the Spanish League.

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