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“Anthony Hopkins is the best,” says the director

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“The Father” director Florian Zeller says: “Anthony Hopkins is the best actor in the world”

Florian Zeller is considered one of the most important playwrights in France. With the Oscar-nominated film “The Father” he filmed his own play with Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman in the leading roles. The film world will hear a lot from him in the future.

“The Father” director Florian Zeller is someone who believes in himself and his dreams.

Image: Sean Gleason

With his superbly played and staged film debut “The Father”, the well-known French playwright Florian Zeller (41) earned six Academy Award nominations and two wins: Anthony Hopkins was named best actor for his role as father with dementia and Zeller as co-author for the best adapted script. We spoke to the director at the Zurich Film Festival about the chamber play-like father-daughter drama, his relationship with Anthony Hopkins and his Swiss roots.

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