Anti-aging medicine: longevity with higher quality of life

Quirónsalud Sagrado Corazón launches an anti-aging medicine consultation to help its patients have a longer and better quality life. This consultation will be located at the Quirónsalud Aljarafe Medical Center, in Tomares

Quirónsalud Sacred Heart Hospital expands its portfolio of services with the opening of a new anti aging consultation (antiaging). Aging is directly related to genetics and lifestyle habits, therefore, anti aging medicine Its main objectives are to improve the quality of life of people and give the appropriate advice to prevent diseases associated with aging and that it be of quality and in line with age.

Anti-aging medicine is part of the preventive medicine and works to delay the onset of diseases that are commonly associated with age, such as larthralgia, dementia, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia or widespread joint pain, among others. In short, this medicine aims to maximizing adulthood in full physical and intellectual faculties, giving patients an improvement in physical, mental and sexual health, as well as optimal internal well-being.

Dr. Nieves Bustillo, specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-aging and responsible for the new anti-aging consultation of the Quirónsalud Sacred Heart Hospital points out in this sense that “at a general level it is observed that patients obtain a substantial improvement in their quality of life, with an enhancement of their physical, intellectual, athletic and sexual activity, a optimization of your weight and a decrease in their risk indices”. Among its benefits, anti aging medicine it helps to improve immunity, stress control and decreases cell destruction, favoring its repair and revitalization, among many others.

Lakeanti-aging consultation is based on carrying out a series of complete examinations following biological, psychological, biochemical, genetic and immunological parameters with the use of biomarkers, which help to act on this deterioration of the organism that may not be consistent with the biological age and identify if there is a pathological or physiological aging process and what is its cause, and then act on it. This is the main precept to differentiate it from aesthetic medicine, which is responsible for reducing the effects of the years using techniques in order to improve the physical appearance, while anti-aging medicine acts to delay said aging.

The new anti-aging consultation is located in the Quirónsalud Aljarafe Medical Center (Avd. Del Aljarafe, s/n, Tomares), and will be in charge of Dr. Nieves Bustillo, a specialist in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine.