Anti-burqa initiative: the arguments of both camps

The Swiss population is expected to vote on March 7. Three items will be put to the vote. Among them, the initiative for a ban on concealing one’s face takes center stage. The text is carried by the Egerkingen committee with the support of the Swiss SVP and some personalities and cantonal sections of the parties. In front of them: all the rest of the political class, which considers that this initiative is “useless”. Concretely, its scope is wide and concerns, among others, violent individuals during demonstrations. But the initiators do not hide it: what they want is to ban the full veil from the streets of Switzerland. We take a look back at the arguments of both camps with our correspondent in Bern, Hélène Jost:

According to the latest polls, a “yes” seemed to be emerging for this initiative. Almost two-thirds of those polled supported the text, according to the 20-minute survey and Tamedia published on February 10. / nmy



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