Anti-Covid mission in Italy, Conte: only medical aid, we have monitored

“I clarified that the Russian mission developed exclusively in terms of health aid at a time of great difficulty in which we lacked respiratory masks and other protective tools. Our systems, from defense to intelligence to foreign civil protection, were constantly vigilant. so that this mission could take place along the agreed tracks “. Thus the former premier Giuseppe Conte, intercepted after the hearing at Copasir (Parliamentary Committee for the security of the Republic), that the same Conte had asked “why those who have or have had institutional positions have the moral obligation to answer for their own operated in transparency “. The hearing to shed light on any issue related to the agreements made with Russia in 2020.

What happened in 2020 with Russia

The director of the European department of the Russian foreign ministry, Alexei Paramonov, recently threatened Italy, in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, announcing that there could be consequences for our country if economic sanctions are introduced against Russia. He also pointed the finger at the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, accusing him of being an anti-Russian “hawk” and stressed that Italy has “forgotten the aid received”. But it seems that the attack by the Russian official has other roots, as reported by the “Corriere della Sera”, according to which in March 2020 Vladimir Putin proposed to the prime minister of the time, Giuseppe Conte, the sending from Russia and for the Italy of a contingent of about 400 people including specialists, doctors and nurses for an operation to combat the coronavirus epidemic. And it was Minister Guerini himself who opposed, asking to “reduce the number of men and means”.

The details on the affair


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Here, according to the Corriere, is where the bitterness of Russia and Paramonov towards Italy would arise, with the recent threat of “irreversible consequences” if our country adheres to sanctions against Moscow. And today, after some time, the fact comes to light that two months after that March 2020 “the Russians wanted to move to Puglia and at that point Guerini asked Moscow to stop the operation”. Officially, according to the newspaper, it was a medical expedition, but the details that emerged recently could reinforce the suspicion that this could be in all respects “an espionage activity”.

The reconstruction of the facts

Also according to the Corriere, in that March two years ago, Guerini and the Russian Defense Minister, Sergej Shoygu had a contact. In Italy, the number of Covid infected was increasing but the country lacked equipment such as masks or gloves. Hospitals were struggling, especially in Lombardy, and offers of help had arrived from various world governments. According to the reconstructions, Shoygu calls Guerini to offer material useful for the fight against the pandemic, including lots of masks, and the Italian minister proposes to send a plane that can recover them in Moscow. Meanwhile, Putin calls Conte, who reports shortly to Guerini that the Russian premier wants to send hundreds of units, including soldiers and doctors to support Italian personnel in the fight against the coronavirus. Guerini, however, believes that the Russian mission is too large in numbers and a close negotiation is born. In the end, the two countries set the arrival of one hundred people in all. Then the surprise. At the military airport of Pratica di Mare, near Rome, 17 planes and an insufficient number of material landed, surprising the Italian authorities. The Russians, among other things, are asking for the possibility of being able to sanitize and reclaim various public bodies, with Italy allowing access only to hospitals and RSA. The intervention involved the acquisition of “sensitive” data and information that the Italian government now fears Russia could use against our country.