Anti-Drug Police Foil Shootout Attempt by Minors with Weapon and Marijuana

Within the framework of a series of patrols arranged by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the province of Córdoba, endowments of the Anti-Drug Police Force controlled various neighborhoods and sectors of the city of San Francisco.

During the device, while patrolling the Hospital neighborhood of the aforementioned city, an attempt was made to control a motorcycle on which two minors were traveling. Said occupants, when trying to be controlled, drew a firearm and tried to shoot at members of the Force.

After a controlled follow-up, the movement of the motorcycle was stopped and, after a preventive palpation, several doses of marijuana and a knife were seized.

Later, on Rufino Varela street at 3200, the 22-caliber firearm was found with a seven-round hollow-point magazine. One of them in the bedroom with the hammer mounted. The weapon had been thrown by the detained minors. Both were made available to justice by order of the Prosecutor’s Office on Duty.